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Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Did you smile today?


Mark said...

Cute picture and great reminder. A smile shared, goes a long way!

Raymond said...

Apparently in Australia, the country I'm studying in, 10% of the population gets up every day and takes an antidepressant. And thats only one drug. That's pretty high! For such a 'friendly' nation, it's true that I don't see too many friendly smiles when I'm on the streets.

SurfaceEarth said...

This is wonderful and will remind me to smile even more often!

RubyShooZ said...

I've got a smile on now that I've seen this picture.
Thanks for brightening my day - thank you as well for your comment on my blog - it's so nice to meet new folks...I think you were new?
I've been rather confused and don't know what day it is much of the time so please excuse my memory.

Much peace and love to you today and every day. Thanks so much (again) for the smile today.

Life Reflection said...

Hi Mark, Glad to share a smile :).

Life Reflection said...

Hi Raymond,

It is sad soemtimes to see how people are reacting to the stress of the society. But maybe if we can start sharing the smile, they will respond the same. :)

Life Reflection said...

Hi Surfaceearth,
Yap, we need constantly remind ourselves to keep smiling :)

Life Reflection said...

Hi Ruby,

It doesn't matter if you remember or not, things just come and go don't they? Keep smiling :)

Sam Chan said...

That's a very cute photo!
Thanks for sharing Ivy.