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Thursday, 10 January 2008

Taking care of our mind and body

While we are always busy cleaning our body, buying new clothes and accessories to beautify ourselves, how often do we cleanse our mind?

We can spend hours and hours infront of the mirror, spending a lot of our money and time grooming our external look. We spend money on nutritional products to make sure that our body is healthy, we see the doctor when our body falls ill. Notice that all these efforts that we put in are towards our body.

We have neglected a very important part of us and that is our mind. Our mind, spirit or soul if you like to call it, has a more important role to play in our life than our external look.

We are exposed to many advertisements, conditioning, good and bad information everyday and all these information are stored in our mind. While we are not aware of it, they do have an impact on us.

Be careful of your thoughts, they may become words at any moment. ~Iara Gassen

The actions that we took and the results that we get in our life are directly related to what is inside our mind. Just like our body, if we eat junk food, our health will deteriorate. If we accumulate junk in our mind, our life will reflect it in a form of messy and unorganized life. If we accumulate stress, we will have depression. If we accumulate violent information, we will react with violent in our actions. If we accumulate love, we will act with love.

We need to maintain a healthy body. We too need to have a healthy mind. Great inspirational teachers know the importance of taking great care of their mind. They are careful not to expose themselves to too much junk and they are selective in the things they read. They spend considerable time taking care of their mind.

A good mind possesses a kingdom. ~Seneca

Start by spending at least 10 mins everyday to have some quiet moments to do some reflections. Our mind is filled with junk and we need some quiet moment everyday to reflect and to see this mess. Only when we see the mess, we can clear it up. Be selective in the books you read and nourish your mind everyday, even if it is just for 10 mins.


stormwhistle said...

Dropping by to say hi to you. I like the enriching message in your blog. Keep up the good work I will be back :)

Alexys Fairfield said...

Hi Ivy,
You are right about cleansing the mind, body and spirit. We are too bombarded with junk that brings our consciousness down. Mediation is a great way to balance everything out - that and not watching TV.

I have added you to my blogroll. :D

Maithri said...

Beautiful thoughts,

What you say is so true... We need to cleanse our minds each day... it changes the world...

With love, Maithri

Norie said...

Hi Ivy. I fully agree with you. Detoxification? Mind and Body.
A quite time is necessary. Happy Birthday Ivy if its not too late.
God bless you always.

Mark said...

Excellent post! This is a great reminder for all of us. True, many neglect that which is the most important.

lilifxt said...

hi how r u? your blog looks great

now u are more blogging than before glad to see u around

u are very right we take more care of external beauty neglectin our internal beauty needs also to be taken care of it reflects what we are not what we loook like
may be that is one of the reasons i started blogging about life and happiness it makes read and learn more and surf more about how to be happy person

thx for lovely post keep it up
God Bless

Adrian @ Path to Your Destiny said...

You're totally right - everybody should take the time to cleanse their mind every day, even for a little bit. It helps so much: less stress, less worry, less mind clutter, just everything.

Life Reflection said...

Hi Stormwhistle,
Thanks for dropping by, welcome! Do come back for more :)

Hi Alexys,
Thanks for adding me, have added yours too :)

Hi Maithri,
Right, we tend to spend too much time on our body but not our mind :)

Hi Norie,
Thanks for the birthday wish, I'm surprised you know my birthday :)

Hi Mark,
Think we need constant reminder of what is important to us :)

Hi Lili,
Yap, I now have more time to write more articles for my blog. Good to see you around :)

Hi Adrian,
Thanks for dropping by. A less cluttered mind is so much lighter and free isn't it :)

Thanks for your comments folks :)

Lara Jane said...

A great article, thank you.

I could not agree more. What is inside us is the most important part of us and spending just 10 minutes a day to clear and create a peaceful mind is imperative to becoming a whole and healthy human being. I wrote an article that you may be interested in http://ultimatelifestyleproject.com/2009/08/28/developing-peaceful-mind/ - it is about developing a peaceful mind with just 10 minutes a day!

Thanks again for the great post.
Peace and much love