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Thursday, 2 August 2007

Riding the Roller Coaster

The past few days have been a roller coaster ride for me. One moment I’m happy, the next moment I fell into frustration and the next I’m depressed. Work has been frustrating. I became so emotionally tired.

I started to blame the company, the management, the processes, colleagues and everyone else. I begin to hope for a new job, new colleagues, new management. Maybe things will be better if I change a new environment. I wanted to escape from all these unhappiness, from all these madness and I wanted to look for happiness and peace somewhere else.

Then I begin to wonder, how many times have I experience these before? How many escapes have I made in the past? I have been changing jobs, always in search of a “better place”.

I realized that there is no better place in our outer world. Things and people always change. The things that bring us happiness today, might not bring us happiness tomorrow. For example, my manager praise me yesterday and I became very happy, but today, he reprimanded me and I became depressed and frustrated.

I always thought that I would be happier if I get a new job, or a new bag or a new mobile. But that happiness only lasted very briefly. So I concluded that true happiness and peace couldn’t be found externally.

If we continued to search for peace and happiness in all these things out there, we will always be riding the roller coaster, up one day and down the other. True peace lies in the heart. What this means is that we should practice looking inwards for inner peace.

When we look inwards, we will see that a lot of our unhappiness came about because we are either constantly looking to escape from this unpleasant situation or we are constantly looking forward to new pleasure. When we are here, we wish to be there. We can’t be truly enjoying.

It is time to stop whining and stop escaping. I’ll pack up my emotional baggage and start breathing.


surjit said...

Life Reflection, you have uttered the ultimate truth:
....'True peace lies in the heart. What this means is that we should practice looking inwards for inner peace....'
A great post.My best wishes.

Life Reflection said...

Thanks Surjit, may we all have peace.

lilifxt said...

hi there...thats very true...all people go through the same roller coaster it happens alot with me ...that was the main reason i started my happy blog to make readers happy and to remind my self and teach my self more about happiness,life and living this is happeneing and will always happen...and really u came with a good result which is inner peace no need to escape or be frustrated ...remind urself "im sure tomorrow will be a happy day if not 2moro then day after 2moro happy days follw those unhappy days" wish u all happiness

Jennifer said...

Hi Ivy... very nice insight!

I like how you say... pick up the baggage and start breathing!


We let go of the past and start living!

Thanks for this message of wisdom,


Mark said...

You have learned one of the great lessons. Happiness is within us, it is never external! You are the creator of your reality!

WaterLearner said...


I am sure while you were penning this good post, you have already gained much insight to begin to breathe!

A good blog! It narrates your journey inwards to reflect and at the same time encourages the reader to do the same.