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Friday, 7 March 2008

15 Minute Miracle by Joe Vitale

Talking about taking responsibility of creating our own reality....I love this video!

Monday, 3 March 2008

My “Short Break”

My short break turn out to be longer than expected. I actually planned to write my blog much earlier but was having the worst nightmare of any writer – mental block! I am still having these “blank mind” but would try to write whenever I can. This phase will pass, hopefully as soon as possible.

My Chinese New Year (CNY) was a typical one. Visiting relatives and giving red packets we called “Ang Bao” are common practices. CNY is meant to be an occasion for family gatherings and we will have reunion dinner on the eve of CNY where family will take this day to gather together and have a splendid dinner.

The color red is meant for good luck. Married couples will have to give Ang Bao to the young who are not married yet. In the older days, giving Ang Bao is for good luck and how much money it contains does not really matters much. But nowadays, people tend to compare the “market rate” and you will be condemned if you are giving below the market rate. I feel that the meaning and value of CNY has been greatly distorted and undermined.

The older generations tend to value CNY more than the younger generations. While the older generations will shun away from black and white color which is viewed as inauspicious, the younger generations nowadays tend to care less of it. Some even wear black clothes to visit relatives which is viewed as a taboo in the older days.

Gone are the days where kids are contended with just sweets and tibits, nowadays kids will view CNY as “earning Ang Bao money” days. Maybe because Singapore is a fast pace city and city dweller tend to be more money focus. Parents are not really advocating the right values in children. Some will even go overseas just to avoid giving Ang Bao.

With the fast development and increasing living standards, I think it is evitable that CNY in Singapore will slowly lose its origin meaning. How sad :( !!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Taking a Break


Thanks for visiting. I am so glad to have your support!

It's Chinese New Year. I will be away on a short break.

Talk to you soon : )

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

6 Steps to problem solving

When we face difficulties in life, instead of focusing on the problems, we should focus on the solution. We cannot control people’s actions but we can control our own.

The world does not cause our problems; it is our reactions to the world that causes us the miseries. There may very well be many negative circumstances or events happening in your life at the present moment and there may be nothing you can do to change them. However, you can change your attitude about it and find out exactly what a powerful force that can be.

6 steps to problem solving

1) Gather as much information to access the situation
Know what causes the situation, get your facts right and know the consequences.

2) List precisely what it is holding you back
At time of adversity, we tend to have a lot of negativity. Knowing what is holding you back and what feelings you have or what you are upset about can give you a better idea of how to approach the problem. You might need to consult a friend or need other counseling.

3) Identify what is within your control and what is not
There are things not within our control and they are not worth focusing on. Focusing on the things we can control gives us choices and confidence. Understand that we always have choices. We can choose our attitude and we can choose to change our perspective about our situation. These are the things we can control.

4) Know your capabilities, what you can do and what you can’t
There are times where we need to access our own capabilities and be realistic about what we can do and what we can’t. If it is not within our capabilities, we might jeopardize the whole plan or others involve. There are times where we will need to seek others for assistance.

5) List down the actions you can take
Lists down the choices we have and the actions we can take to resolve the things that is within our control.

6) Decide the actions you are comfortable with
Contemplate for a while, look at the list of choices and actions you have. Once you have the confidence and comfortable with the decision, then it is time to take actions!