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Friday, 19 October 2007

Today is the day

Oh, I’ll write this tomorrow! Or maybe later!

Do you have a problem of procrastination? I do.

We are often guilty of procrastination. We tend to fall into this trap from time to time. At times, we try to avoid the things we are going to do, maybe it’s something we don’t like or we have doubt about. Or it can also be habitual. We are so comfortable with the current situation that we tend not to take action to delay our “suffering”.

Nonetheless, we did not realize that if we do not take any action now, we are only accumulating the issues on hand and when we face it later, the issues might have already gotten bigger and bigger. It happened to me that if I delay tidying up my room, weeks later, my room became so messy that I don’t know how to start organizing! My room is so cluttered that I procrastinate again and it just got messier!

The root of procrastination lies with our mindset. We often think we have a lot of time on hand. We think that “later” or “tomorrow” always exist. But life is so unpredictable. If we were to cultivate this habit of procrastination, even on a small issue, we will habitually delay even the important things in our life. Who knows what can happen “later” or “tomorrow”?

The main resolution - prioritize, prioritize, prioritize, action, action, action!

Prioritize your things on hand, set a timeline on when it has to be done and do it! Remember that tomorrow is a continuation of today. Today will be gone regardless of whether you have done anything and tomorrow might not come.

So next time when you find yourself saying, “Oh, maybe tomorrow!” Hmm.... snapped out of it!!!

"Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. ~ Don Marquis"

"You may delay, but time will not. ~ Benjamin Franklin"

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Sophiagurl said...

I couldn't agree more, sometimes I think time is against us but most times I think we are racing against it.

Loved the quote from Don Marquis. =)