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Thursday, 4 October 2007

Is what we see the truth?

Have we ever questioned ourselves if what we see is really the truth or are they illusion of our mind?

Think about the sun, does the sun really rise and set everyday? We thought we see the sunrise when the sun brightened up the sky in the morning and we thought we see the sunset when the sun disappeared behind the horizon. The fact is that the sun is always there regardless of time and day. But our mind can distort these simple truths and we start to live in our illusion.

Our world is filled with illusion and we love it this way. This is our comfort zone. If we travel out of earth to space, we can see clearly that sunrise and sunset does not exist. There is no gravity and thus things do not fall from high to low latitude. There is no left and right, no center and back, only vast emptiness.

There is no table but pieces of wood assembled together. There is no house but pieces of bricks and cement assembled together.

What illusion do we see today?

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ~ Albert Einstein


Mark said...

Yes, our reality is an illusion, so why not create the illusion which we desire.

lilifxt said...

lovely post i beleive you r right we want to live in illusions that is our comfort zone coz may be we are doing that to escape from facts and truth we dont want them but they are there but illusions takes us away

best wishes

Life Reflection said...

Hi Mark,

Agreed! We should create the ones we desire, but it should be a good one!

Life Reflection said...

Hi Lili,

You are so right! We like to live in illusion cos we do not want to face the truth. But nonetheless, we will not be living fully if we denied the reality.

jam said...

It is true that we always fail to see the truth in life. Most of the time, we live in our own imagination.