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Friday, 24 August 2007

The challenges of Say No Evil

The one week Say No Evil bootcamp initiated by Karen has ended. The camp rule includes no lying, no flowery speech, no harsh speech. I have already broken one or more of the rules on day 1, day 2 and….. what a failure!

It is indeed challenging as we are all so used to our daily habits. Bad habits are implanted in us, like a deeply rooted weed in an unattended garden. If we want a beautiful garden, we have to constantly protect it from pollution and to regularly clear the weeds before it took over the flowers and plants.

This boot camp reminds us that it is time to do our gardening!

PS:One thought I have from this camp: When we refrain from harsh speech, do we still harbor harsh thoughts?


Mark said...

I love your PS. Yes, this is the larger point, isn't it? Thinking the thought is just as powerful as saying the words. We must change our thoughts, not just our actions.

lilifxt said...

hi there...i broke the rule many times but i will keep trying to avoid the three rules

your question about harsh thoughts i think as humans we face all feelings and thoughts positive and negative ones the more we think positive the lesswe would think negative ...have a great weekend

Jean Browman--Stress To Power said...

This is the first time I've visited this blog, and my reaction is "Lighten up!" Check out A Habit Is Just a Habit at StressToPower.com and We Don't Have to Be Perfect at CheerfulMonk.com. If you want to stop saying and thinking harsh words, start by being more compassionate to yourself. If you're not kind to yourself, that attitude can't help but spill over to your interactions with others. And habits are just habits. You can change them much more easily if you don't turn them into moral matters. Stop judging and get curious as to how they work. Figure out what you want to do instead and focus on that. I guarantee, if you try it you'll be amazed, and your friends and family will bless you for it.

Jean Browman--Cheerful Monk said...

Actually, I thought I was posting this on Karen's site, but it works here, too. Good thing I believe "We don't have to be perfect to be loveable!"

Anyway, this was my first visit here too, and I will come back.

Life Reflection said...

Hi Mark,

I totally agree. Actions will always follow our thougths.

Life Reflection said...

Hi Lili,

You are right! We should strive for more positive thoughts than negative ones. No matter how many times we break the rules, we must keep trying!

Life Reflection said...

Hi Jean,

Welcome to this site! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We definitely need to be compassionate to ourself first. Welcome to drop by anytime and share your insights :)

WaterLearner said...


I am honoured to have you in my humble camp! Thanks for your participation! I appreciate that1

Life Reflection said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks for organising this camp and give us a chance to know our short-comings.

Sibbia said...

Failure? No, it wasn't a failure, even though you "broke" the rules.

You tried, you made improvement.

How can that be anything but success?

Life Reflection said...

Thanks Sibbia! I'll keep trying :)

Sam Chan said...

No failure unless you give up!!

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." - Winston Churchill

Life Reflection said...

Hi Sam, Thanks for the encouragement!