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Friday, 24 August 2007

Personal Development List

Priscilla Palmer has started to compile a list of Personal Development blogs which includes any blog that we feel can benefit us in our growth process. I find that this is such a good idea. Now that we have the list, we can visit the good blogs that we would never have known.

I have been tagged by my friend Rick Cockrum at Shards of Consciousness. Thanks Rick for adding me for the list. The personal development list is still growing, do check out the latest list at Priscilla’s website.

Personal Development List (up to 24 Aug 07):
· Aaron Potts at
Today is That Day
· Adam Kayce at
Monk at Work
· Alan Torres at
Made to Be Great
· Albert Foong at
· Anita Pathik Law at
Power of four Way
· Brian Kim at
· Bob at
· Christine Kane at
· Craig Harper at
Motivational Speaker
· Dave Schoof at
Engaging the Disquiet
· David Rogers at
How to Have Great Self Confidence
· Dawud Miracle at
· Donald Latumahina at
Life Optimizer
· Dr. Hal at
Northstar Mental fitness blog
· Edward Mills at
Evolving Times
· Gleb Reys at
Personal Development Ideas
· Gustav at
· Henrik Edberg at
The Positivity Blog
· Jason Ivers at
A Miracle a Day
· Jay White at
dumb little man tips for life
· Jean Browman at
Transforming Stress Into Power and Cheerful Monk
· Jerry Lopper at
Personal Growth
· John Place at
John Place Online
· John Wesley at
Pick The Brain
· Josh Bickford at
Reach For Magnificence
· Kammie Kobyleski at
Passion Meets Purpose
· Karen Lynch at
Live The Power
· Kim George at
Doing What You Can Do
· Kirsten Harrell at
· K.L. Masina at
Be Conscious Now
· Lee Nutter at
· Leo Baruta at
Zen Habits
· Life Reflection at
Universe in a Single Atom
· Liz Strauss at
Successful Blog
· Lola Fayemi at
Real World Spiritual and Personal Development
· Lorraine Cohen at
Powerfull Living
· Lyman Reed at
Creating a Better Life
· Maria Palma at
The Good Life
· Mark McManus at
Build Your Life To Order
· Martin Avis at
Kickstart Daily
· Michelle Moore at
Happiness Blog
· Nancy Tierney at
Unconditional Confidence
· Nneka at
Balanced Life Center
· Pamm Larry at
My Spiritual Dance
· Paul at
Paul’s Tips
· Peter at
I Will Change Your Life
· Phil Gerbyshak at
Make It Great
· Priscilla Palmer at
Personal Development Demands Success
· Raymond Salas at
Zenchill Powertools
· Reg Adkins at
· Rick Cockrum at
Shards of Consciousness
· Scott Bernadot at
Keeping The Secret
· Shauna Arthur at
Breathing Prosperity and Follow Your Path
· Steve Olson at
· Steve Pavlina at
· Ted Demopoulos at
Blogging For Business
· Thom Quinn at
· Tim Ferris at
4-Hour Workweek and Lifestyle Design Blog
· Tony D Clark at
Success From The Nest
· Troy Worman at
Orbit Now!
· Vickie at
Contemplate This
· WildBill at
and these collaborated sites:
Life Coaches Blog Stratagies for a Greater Life

And here are my top 5 blogger list:
· Jennifer at
Goodness Graciousness
· Karen at
Journey with Water Learner
· Sam at
Acquire Wisdom and Live with Passion
· Robert at
Compassionate Council
· Mark at
The Naked Soul


Priscilla Palmer said...

Thanks so much for your participation. This list is really taking off! I love it! I hope you will too.

Life Reflection said...

Of course I love it Priscilla! Thanks for compiling the list of good sites!

Troy Worman said...

Thanks for the linkage and good luck with your blog.

Kirsten Harrell, Psy.D. said...

Nice to see such a great list growing and spreading through the blogosphere spreading good vibes everywhere! :)