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Friday, 6 July 2007

Assuming Identity

A baby girl was born on earth one fine day and she was without a name and identity. She was given the name Ivy and suddenly, everyone around her starts calling her Ivy. She had not heard of this word before but the adults told her this is her name and she grew up to assume the identity of Ivy.

As a toddler, she hears and sees how the adult around her talk and behave, and she begins to imitate them. Her parents taught her the acceptable ways to behave in public and she learns them. Her parents wanted her to learn piano and ballet and she did as they say. Up till then, she was assuming the identity shaped and molded by her parents and surrounding adults.

As a teenager, she had a best friend and they will buy similar clothes, share similar music, watch similar shows. They influence each other’s behavior and ideas about life. She now has her own ideas and thoughts about her life and she thought she now has her own identity.

She grew up and started working in the society. She wasn’t ready for all the office politics and complicated human relationships. She had many setbacks and she learned how to handle them. Experience is the key. She started to face the reality of life. Having a good EQ is essential to climb up the corporate ladder. She also knows that money is important in this society. She now assumes the identity of a career woman who plays well in office politics and strives for more money.

She fell in love with a man and got married. Years later, she might have children too and she will then assume the identity of a wife and mother. She will then grow old and assumes the identity of grandmother. One fine day, when she leaves this world, she will be lying in the coffin, with no assuming identity.

Who are we? Are we the identity we assume? Identity given by our parents? OR identity given by the society?

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Jackal said...

I suffer with an illness called Borderline Personality Disorder and one of the criteria is identity issues... so your post is thought provoking.