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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Happiness, Choice and Freedom

Do we have a choice in life to be happy and to be free? I mean who is binding us?

We are bind by our own quest for more money, more happiness and more of everything in life. We always complain about our wife/husband, our work, our life, etc. There are so many things we are unhappy about. How many times have we looked at our life and say “I’m very happy to have all that I have today”?

We all have a choice in life, whether to be happy, to be sad or to enjoy life. Nobody is stopping us from making a choice. A lot of time, we like to compare and judge. That is where all the negativities come from. We judge and we compare and we become dissatisfied.

Given the good and bad things that happened, we tend to put more focus on the bad events. We will magnify them and makes them really impactful.

I have read somewhere that if we are in a room, we will always focus on the things in the room. And we will start to judge and compare about things being too big or too small or beautiful or ugly. We rarely notice the space in the room. Space is everywhere. It’s free and it’s always there. But somehow our focuses are always on the things in the room. Maybe if we focus our attention more on the space, we will stop judging and we will stop the comparison, starts to appreciate the things in it and enjoy the freedom.

Somehow simple things like this require a lot of effort and it may sound idiotic to some.

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