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Friday, 22 June 2007

Every moment of our life is important

Today is my first day writing this blog. I should be excited and delighted but somehow I feel depressed. A colleague in my office had recently met an accident. She was hit by a bus and was in serious condition. Although I don’t even know who this lady is but the fact that life is so vulnerable, it really makes me ponder about my life. Have I lived a meaningful life or have I been wasting my time? How much of my time is spent on work and TV? How much of my time is spent on procrastination?

The problem with we human is that we always think we have a lot of time on hand. And we forgot or we refused to accept the fact that we will leave this world one day. And this one day, we never know when it will come.

Am I being negative about life? I don’t think so. Accepting this fact is so important, as it makes us think and live by the moment. Every moment of our life is important. Understanding and accepting this makes us refocus our energy and activities to important things of our life.

Sometimes I get so lost in my daily schedule that I totally forgot about this fact. Often, we started out with the intention of earning more money to get a better life for ourselves and our family. But in the event of doing so, we pour too much effort into work and we neglected our family and our friends. We lost sight of our main purpose and what is important to us.

I am guilty of doing that. I am also guilty of procrastinating and of wasting too much time doing nothing!

I am still trying….trying to live by the moment and making my life on earth worthwhile. I will keep trying.

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Sam Chan said...

"Make the best of today, for there is no tomorrow until after today."

Start living!