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Thursday, 6 September 2007

Territory Invasion

Walking down a path near my house the other day, I was surprised to see a large number of worms crawling on the ground. They were everywhere and some have been crushed by walkers on the path. The sight of them crawling around was horrifying and it gave me creeps. This is so unbearable. I had to tiptoe all the way across the path to avoid stamping on them.

A group of youngsters were walking in front of me and they were complaining about these creepy worms invading our “human territory” and that the worms should be destroyed. I was having the same feelings and was hoping for someone to clear up this mess.

Halfway through the path, I started to wonder why and where did these worms come from. I started looking around the path. At both sides of the path, stretch out two rows of beautiful flowers and green grass. Nothing seems to be wrong except that this nicely lay out path was recently constructed and the flowers and grass were just being planted 2 days ago. Which also means that the soil and the previous plants had been uprooted to make way for the new garden.

It suddenly occurs to me that the home of these worms had probably been destroyed! This causes them to wonder onto our “human territory”. I can’t help but started to feel some sympathy for these creepy crawlies. While we fought to resist the invasion of our territory, aren’t we the one who invaded their territory in the first place?

Should they be destroyed? While some do post some threats to the society, I think the biggest threat to the world is still us as humans. How many lives have we destroyed when we clear this piece of land? How many homes have we invaded?

While more and more forests are being cleared to construct new buildings, more animals, insects and birds are left homeless. Crows, insects and animals that came to our territory in search of food and home are seen as pests and nuisance to the society.

While I’m not a big fan of these crows, worms or insects, I certainly feel a bit more tolerant towards them. Knowing that they, like us, are looking for a home and food for survival. That’s all they are asking for.


Mark said...

Good thoughts! We indeed are all here together and we all serve a purpose. I am sure we would have some major problems if the worms became extinct.

WaterLearner said...


A Good Soul you are to be considerate to the homes of worms. All species share Earth as a common abode. It's good to be tolerant of other breeds.


Life Reflection said...

You are right Mark, we are all interdependent in this world. Hope more people can understand that.

Life Reflection said...

Hi Karen, well-said. Indeed, all species share Earth!